Earliest or First
Known Generation
1.  Thomas? and Elizabeth (______) FLIPPEN

Thomas Flippen may be the husband of our earliest known ancestor Elizabeth Flippin.  He was a resident of Gloucester Co., VA in 1704 where he was paying a Quit Claim Rent in Kingston Parish for 300 acres and was listed as Thomas Fliping.  The Quit Rent was required of all Virginian landowners who had to pay the King one shilling for each 50 acres bought.  Since his name was the only one found at that time in Gloucester Co., he is believed by many researchers to be the husband of Elizabeth Flippen who left a will in Cumberland Co., VA. [See comments for more on this.]
Elizabeth and her children removed from Gloucester Co. (perhaps after her husband's death) to Goochland Co. with the Bedfords and Lilles (her children's families).  Goochland was eventually divided and they found themselves in Cumberland Co. in 1749.  Her husband was already deceased by the time Elizabeth wrote her will on 21 Jun 1747 in Cumberland Co.  The will was probated 23 Jan 1758.  Nothing else is known about Elizabeth or her maiden name.
According to the will, Elizabeth (and Thomas?) had six children.  The birthdates are approximate dates and should not be accepted as a fact.

2.  Elizabeth FLIPPEN (b. c1700 Gloucester Co., VA) m/ Stephen BEDFORD.
3.  Anne FLIPPEN (b. c1703 Gloucester Co., VA) m/ Edmund LILIE / LILLE of
same county.  [Click here for more on the Lilly connection.]
4.  Robert FLIPPEN (b. c1705 Gloucester Co., VA) m/ Mary ______. 
5.  Sarah FLIPPEN (b. c1707 Gloucester Co., VA) m/ ______ GUNTER.   [Gunter DNA family project]
6.  Thomas FLIPPEN (b. c1710-12 Gloucester Co., VA) m/ ______.
7.  ______ FLIPPEN, daughter (b. c1712 Gloucester Co., VA) m/ ______
JOHNSON.  She was deceased by the time her mother's will was written.
8.  Ralph FLIPPEN (b. c1714 Gloucester Co., VA) m/ Martha SCOTT.

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NOTE:  This is a "worksheet" and should not be accepted as 100 percent correct.  Your input is welcome and will be placed on the "comment page." 

Thomas Flippen may be related to the Phippens of Massachusetts and Maine. 
He may have worked in the shipping business or as a sailor and moved south to Virginia's coast then his family moved westward to other parts of Virginia.  This suggestion was sent by L. M. "Marty" Flippin and Kyle Harrison and needs further research.

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