Third Generation (Cont.)

27.  Jane (FLIPPEN) WALTON CARTER, d/o Ralph FLIPPEN (8)
(b. c1739 Cumberland Co., VA - aft 1793) m1/ Josiah WALTON and m2/ David CARTER.
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[Information sent Aug 1999 by Ruby T. Smith.]

28.  Elizabeth (FLIPPEN) HUDGENS, d/o Ralph FLIPPEN (8)
(b. c1742 Cumberland Co., VA - bef 1781 Cumberland Co., VA) m/ William HUDGENS (b. c1745-48 VA; will dated 26 Aug 1781 Cumberland Co., VA), s/o John A. and Martha (HOLLOWAY) HUDGENS, c1770.
86.  Sarah "Sally" HUDGENS (b. bef 1777 Cumberland Co., VA)
87.  William John HUDGENS (b. 1777 Cumberland Co., VA) m/ Nancy STREET.
88.  Jean or Jane HUDGENS (b. VA) m/ Samuel TOLER bef 1791 VA.
89.  Polly HUDGENS (VA - bef 1791)

29.  John FLIPPEN, s/o Ralph FLIPPEN (8)
(c1746 Cumberland Co., VA - c1796 Cumberland Co., VA; will dated 1 Jul 1794 and probated 23 May 1796 Cumberland Co., VA) m/ Nancy (MURRAY?).
90.  Thomas FLIPPEN (b. c1765 Cumberland Co., VA) m1/ Betsey BAUGHAN and m2/ Martha TRENT.
91.  John Murray FLIPPEN m/ Nancy BROWN, d/o Clement BROWN, 12 Dec 1807 Cumberland Co., VA.
92.  Martha "Patty" FLIPPEN m/ Thomas JOHNS bef 1 Jul 1794 Cumberland Co., VA.
93.  Hannah FLIPPEN
94.  Betty FLIPPEN may be the Betsy FLIPPEN who m/ William HERRING 22 Mar 1796 Lunenburg Co., VA.
95.  Sally Elcan FLIPPEN m/ ______ LOYLE.
96.  Nancy Murray FLIPPEN m/ ______ BAUGHAN (or BAUGH).
97.  Lucy FLIPPEN m/ ______ HILL.
98.  Jane FLIPPEN may have m/ James BAUGHAN 10 Jun 1809 Cumberland Co., VA.
[NOTE:  Number 99 was overlooked when the biographical sketch was done for FLIPPING FLIPPINS and will be not be used for this sketch.]
100.  Judith Scott FLIPPEN

30.  Francis FLIPPEN, s/o Ralph FLIPPEN (8)
(c1748 Cumberland Co. or Goochland Co., VA - c1816 Cumberland Co., VA; estate appraisal dated 10 Aug 1816 and estate division dated 15 Feb 1817 Cumberland Co., VA) m/ Mary HUDGENS (Cumberland Co., VA - c1845-50 Cumberland Co., VA, d/o John and Martha (HOLLOWAY) HUDGENS, c1765.
101.  Nancy FLIPPEN (b. 1769 Cumberland Co., VA) m/ John MEADOR.
102.  Phebe FLIPPEN (b. c1771) m/ William MEADOWS.
103.  Robert FLIPPEN (b. c1775) m/ Frances WALTON.
104.  Jane FLIPPEN (b. c1777) m/ Hans / Hance STEGER / STEGAR, Jr. Jun 1794 Cumberland Co., VA.
105.  John FLIPPEN (b. c1779) m/ cousin Judith FLIPPEN (129).
106.  Martha Scott "Patsy" FLIPPEN (b. c1781) m/ Robert MENDUM.
107.  Frances "Fanny" FLIPPEN (b. c1790) m/ John HAMBLETON / HAMILTON.
108.  (daughter) FLIPPEN (d. by 1817) m/ Will CARDWELL.  Her children were mentioned in her father's estate settlement.

31.  Mary (FLIPPEN) MERRYMAN  HIX, d/o Ralph FLIPPEN (8)
(b. c1751 Cumberland Co., VA) m1/ John MERRYMAN (d. c1785), s/o Thomas Sr. and Phebe Mary (JAMES) MERRYMAN, 1781 and m2/ Jesse HIX 9 Sep 1786.  Two children from John:
109.  Thomas Flippen MERRYMAN (b. 1781 Cumberland Co., VA) m/ Margaret BALDWIN.
110.  Ralph MERRYMAN m/ Martha _______ and lived in Charlotte Co., VA.
Three children from Jesse:  [Information sent by Ruby Talley Smith in Aug 1999.]
110a.  Jesse S. HIX (b. c1790)
110b.  Edward HIX
110c.  Martha HIX

32.  Robert Scott FLIPPEN, s/o Ralph FLIPPEN (8)
(c1755 Cumberland Co., VA - 22 Jul 1830 Prince Edward Co., VA) m1/ Mary RICE 17 Dec 1778 Prince Edward Co., VA; m2/ Elizabeth DeJARNETT / DEJERNATT, d/o John Thomas and Millasant (HALL) DeJARNETT, 27 May 1793 Prince Edward Co., VA; and m3/ Sarah R. "Sally" BRADSHAW (d. 28 Feb 1863 Prince Edward Co., VA), d/o Benjamin BRADSHAW, 25 Jun 1812 Prince Edward Co., VA.
Three known children from Mary:
111.  Francis FLIPPEN (b. c1789 VA) m/ Mary DOUGLAS.  [Should come after Hulda per birthdate; identification number left as is for now.]
112.  Elizabeth FLIPPEN (b. c1784 - living by 1856) m/ Richard HOLT.
113.  Hulda M. FLIPPEN (b. c1787 Prince Edward Co., VA) m/ Abner ELLIOT.
Three known children from Elizabeth:
114.  Robert S. FLIPPEN (b. 1799) m/ Nancey HARPER.
115.  Muriel? or Mildred H. FLIPPEN m/ Samuel S. HAWKINS 25 Jun 1818 Prince Edward Co., VA.
116.  Nancy FLIPPEN (b. c1805) m/ Davis ALLEN.
Five known children from Sarah:
117.  Benjamin F. FLIPPEN (living in 1860) m/ Sally M. MARSHALL 15 Oct 1839 Prince Edward Co., VA.
118.  Louisa B. FLIPPEN (b. c1821) m/ Bennett M. BAGLEY 11 Dec 1860 Prince Edward Co., VA.
119.  James E. FLIPPEN (b. c1825 - living in 1860) m/ Sarah Frances CHILDRESS 25 May 1850 Prince Edward Co., VA.
120.  Lavida C. FLIPPEN m/ John W. MARSHALL 19 Nov 1832.
121.  Catherine W. FLIPPEN m/ John E. HOLT 17 Mar 1834 Prince Edward Co., VA.
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