Second Generation to 1925
This page was last updated on: 11 June, 2011
It is finally here!

The book
Descendants of Thomas? and Elizabeth Flippin
(covering earliest generation to 1925)
is now online. 

The book is a work in progress and will be updated from time to time.


11 Jun 2011 - updated

9 Feb 2008 - updated

1 Jul 2007 - updated

4 Apr 2006 - updated

26 Sep 2005 -

Since I was not able to update the book on the FTM website, I had to check elsewhere for a website that would allow me to upload the book online at no charge.  Fortunately World Connect website through Rootsweb is the answer.  The latest version of the book is now on this site.  See below for the link.  I apologize for taking this long to get the book updated and online.  Thanks for your patience and also for your information contribution.

1 May 2005 -

I apologize for taking this long to update the book.  As of tonight I've updated the book on my computer and was in the process of downloading it to the Internet to find out that the FTM website now limits the number of individuals to 2000.  They must have changed their limit between the last update and now.  There are already 6844 individuals in the book.  Since I do not have much time to devote to putting the information online and do not wish to spend more money in finding another website where the book could be displayed, I will try to find a way to post the book online.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

11 Apr 2004 - updated

25 Feb 2003 -

Updates and changes added to the book.  The First Generation has also been updated with a link to two comment pages, one on the earliest known record of Thomas Flippen and the other on the Lilly connection.  The family of William Reuben and Mary (Bingham) Flippin in the Unidentified Section has also been updated.

10 Jan 2003 -

The book finally has been updated with a few changes.  Information submitted by Flippin researchers and descendants from the four boxes is now included.  Due to size, the book now focuses on only the Flippin lines.  The married daughters with a different surname will be listed with their husband and children but their descendants will not be included.  There were a few unidentified families that I was unable to include at this time.  A separate section will be created for these families.   The year 1925 is the cut off date.  Families with children born 1925 or earlier are included.  Individuals who married after 1925 will not have their children listed.  Individuals born after 1925 will not have their birth date listed unless now deceased.  
I appreciate your contribution of information and e-mails. 

31 May 2001 - updated

9 Apr 2001

The book has been updated with much more information.  Thanks to many of you who contributed additional data and corrections.  There is still more in my box waiting for inclusion.  Join the mailing list to be kept updated of the latest news.  Please remember that the book only covers down to the seventh generation.  I have no plans to publish the book in a paper format at this time.  In the near future if the book will be done in a paper format, I will let you know via the mailing list.

30 Sep 2000

The book has been updated to include second to seventh generations to make it simplier to use with the index.  The first generation is briefly listed.  Refer to the First Generation page of this website for more information.  There is still a box of material waiting to be put in the book.  The next book update will be around the end of October.  I hope you're benefitting from using the book and finding your line.  Your contribution of information and comments are always welcome.

24 Aug 2000

As of today (24 Aug 2000), the book contains information only from my workbook, which begun in 1983 when Myrtle Begley, a long-time researcher, sent me a large pile of family group sheets on many Flippin families then Mable Flippin and few other researchers sent me theirs.  I started putting them all together in my workbook along with information on other families that I found while researching.  All of this led to the founding of the "Flippin Family Association" and its quarterly publication Flipping Flippins.

Through the years, I met many wonderful and generous Flippin "cousins" who sent their family group sheets.  Most of the information is still waiting to be put in the workbook.  While working on the quarterlies, I focused on the first five generations.  Recently I finally tackled my long-time goal, which was to put together the fifth to seventh generations.  I used Family Tree Maker to create this book which can be placed online for your access. The Family Tree Maker also allows me to keep the pages updated with ease.

Please read the "Introduction" first before checking the rest of the book.  It outlines what has been done and what is all included.

As I stated earlier, the information came from my workbook and does not yet include the information from the huge pile of family group sheets submitted by FFA members and other researchers over the past several years.  I will continue to work on the book from time to time and an updated version will be added to the website at least once a month.    The latest news will also be put on this page.

Additions and corrections are appreciated.  Please identify the individual and/or family with their identification number or the parents' name.  Again, read the "Introduction" for more information about this.  The list of contributors will be kept updated.

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