From Earliest Known Generation
to 1925
This is a workbook and should not be accepted as 100 percent correct.
Its main purpose is to help you find your direct Flippin line.

The information on the first five generations was featured in the FLIPPING FLIPPINS, quarterly publication of Flippin Family Association, edited by Nova A. Lemons.  The credit for the information should be given to Flippin Family Association and its Flippin researchers.

Your input / comments are always welcome.  Please use the identification  number within brackets for each individual in your comments for easier identification.  Put "comments" on the subject line of your message.

Only the generations up to 1925 are covered.  Focus is done on the Flippin
lines.  For the married daughters, they along with their husband and children
will be listed but not the descendants.  Biographies on a descendant and/or families are welcome for inclusion in the biographies section.  You will  be
given credit for each biography submitted.  Put "biographies" on the subject
line of your message.

If you would like to be the contact person or listed as a researcher for a  specific family or individual(s), send me a message listing the family and/or individual(s) with their identification number in brackets if available.  Add your full name and e-mail address.  Postal address is optional.  Put on the subject line "contact person" or "researcher" of your message.

Please do not copy entire generation section(s) for your web site; provide
an URL link on your page to this page.  You may copy portions for your web
site or personal file; be sure to include this web site as reference.  A link to  this
site from your web site is appreciated as well as additional information
and/or corrections.

Again, remember this is a workbook and
you should obtain proof for each data.

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